A concert in Kigali organized by Shanel Nirere


As Nirere Shanel went to visit the family, she found out that she had organized a concert in Kigali, after three years being known as as an artist being in France with the family without performing a concert in Rwanda her motherland ,she come to visit her family  and suddenly organize a concert that will take place on 7 july 2022. she will continue with dates which will be communicated after this day depend on audiences and her time allocation.

The concert is scheduled to take place at Kacyiru’s ‘L’Espace’  and it is expected to be attended by 150 people due to the location of the venue. This female  singer  who live in France on the European continent said that she had come to Rwanda to visit her family, after meeting and talking to her friends and finally decided to bow and sing to her fans. “I came to Rwanda to visit my family, so one day I met my friends and we found out that we could do a concert that ended with a commitment,” he said. this  a concert the she called ‘Greetings(INTASHYO)’ due to the memory she said she had for her fans. Nirere Shanel says there is a lot to keep in mind for her fans who will be attending the concert including her dominant past  and recent songs.

She also said that in planning this concert she is very happy and enjoyable and the participants of her concert will enjoy the songs that are coming soon and the holy ones.  Admission to the concert is expected to surprise some of the biggest artists who will come to support her which will cost thirty thousands rwandan francs (30000Frws)  which is being paid electronically. she  is one of the most prolific musicians in Rwandan music, who has been featured in songs such as; I dream, I love you so much, I scream, and so many more of the original, now he has new ones including; Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. she recently greeted and sung  to her  fans in November 2019 at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village known as Camp Kigali, in a concert at the University of Global Health Equity.


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