ISIBO TV is Now Working in a New Large Office in Kigali City at Gikondo


Two years after ISIBO TV started operating in Rwanda, it continues to expand to the point where it has moved to its current location because the rented house was starting to become smaller due to their activities within workers.

ISIBO TVT has launched by the Bruce Melodie and his advisor Kabanda Jean de Dieu recently and is now one of the most popular television in Rwanda. It is in advance within period of  two years  since it started , many have expressed their gratitude and pleasure to a variety of entertainment-focused topics with its missions including entertaining young people through entertainment and other topics related to their interests but also to adults  because there are so many good things  to find and enjoy.

It has the best of both worlds. They have professionalism, experience and fame in the Rwandan media. Starting with Phil Peter and M. Irene they started with participating in ”The Daily Choice conversation” and others who came after them were good at.

Isibo TV (I TV) is currently available nationwide as it has been listed as one of the few Rwandan television channels to be broadcast on Digital TV. The director of this television and advisor of Bruce Melodie’s ,Kabanda Jean de Dieu, says that while they are proud of their short-term success, they aim to be the first popular TV show. He continued that at the beginning, people started asking for more talks than they expected because of the extraordinary line that made him so popular. “It simply came to our notice then. We still have a lot of demand because we have a lot of followers.  “The first product we wanted was entertainment for the youth and promotion of talent and teaching. “Some of the children were missing out on opportunities in the media. We gave them a chance.”


Through those all activities and expansion, the director of the television station, Kabanda Jean de Dieu announced that a month after he moved to Gikondo, known as Rujugiro, and is now located at Rwandex on Le Prestige House. Kabanda said they had moved to their workplaces because they had been living together for a while, so they decided to find a more spacious place to work today. “Sometimes the place where you work is a little crowded, and you find a place to expand your business. That’s why we moved here and I think you also found it nice.” Kabanda also said that the reason why Isibo TV moved to its workplace was to get closer to its customers. “We’re getting closer to our customers, and now we’re going to work on the road in a modern building, which makes it easier for us,” he said.

Isibo TV is one among private television that has opened its doors to the Rwandan market in recent years, but has a particular focus on entertainment. It’s in advancing TV show, and for the past two years many people appreciate  it where their effort focus on enjoying a variety of entertainment. Kabanda said that apart from the renovation of the building, so far nothing has changed in their talks(conversations).

Isibo TV has popular shows like ‘Take Over’ by MC Buryohe, Bianca and DJ Diallo which is dedicated to promoting emerging artists. Phil Peter’s ‘The Choice interview’ focuses on celebrities. What this TV is proud of is that in entertainment it focuses not only on music but also on other corners. There are other topics for different people, both adults and children, such as Chapa Chapa and more.

MC Buryohe and Bianca co-star in the loved popular Take over episode on Isibo TV

Kabanda Jean de Dieu the director of IsiboTV

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