More than 800 women have been engaged to play basketball in kayonza district


More than 806 women from Rukara Sector in Kayonza District, have been together for a two days in a week to play basketball and they pay a health insurance( mutual)to help them improve their health.

It is not familiar to see a woman over the age of 50 around 9pm in the countryside, on the basketball playground wearing sports uniforms while others over different clothes , all with the same aim of Entertainment and playing basketball. The game was popularized by the Shooting Touch Community which work in that  District, where it brings together these women who play basketball in sports and the poor ones are paid mutual insurance  fees with their families

They said that the sport helped them to get out of isolation and also to help them avoid some of the various diseases. Claudine Uwimana said that during Covid-19 they were given food and health insurance through sports. “First of all, my body is feeling better, I am meeting others and talking to each other, and now I am not sick because I exercise and they pay for me mutual insurance,” he said.

Comforter Pholomide, who lives in Karubamba Village in Rukara Cell, says the sport has made her meet her  friends who are able to socialize and also help her relax his brain. “In the morning I go to work and cultivate and harvest, so in the evening I come here to play basketball and my teammates help me a lot,” he said. Mujawiyera Laetitia of 49 yeas old, said that exercises helped her to get out of isolation and find a place to talk to her peers so that she no longer feels lonely. “Sports has brought me a lot of physical benificials by meeting my siblings, teaching us different life lessons and getting me started on mutual insurance,” he said.

According to Moses who coach women , he coaches more than 800 women at least once a week. that is why they divided them into two categories to attend exercises in two days per week . Rukara Sector Executive Secretary, Immaculée Nyirabizeyimana, said that the reason why Shooting Touch pays for the families of these women is to help them stay healthy and enjoy their sport. “Exercising helps them avoid these infectious diseases because exercise is life. They also come together at least every month to be taught how to build a peaceful family, to fight family conflicts and to help them dare to join groups that help them develop and participate in government programs. ” Currently, 806 women are playing this basketball game, 700 families are paid  health insurance with a population of 3,500.

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