Rwandan population over the age of 18 years are starting to receive a second dose of the COVID-19 booster vaccine


The Ministry of Health (Minisante) has called on all people over the age of 18 who have received the first dose of the Covid-19 booster vaccine four months ago, to rush to the vaccination site and receive the second dose of booster vaccine for better protection.

Starting on August 8, 2022, Rwanda began to give the second strengthening  and booster dose, but with a focus on adults over 60 years old and others with physical weakness. The Ministry of Health on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in a message sent on Twitter, said that ‘if it has been at least four months since you received the first booster dose, rush to the nearest immunization site and receive the second booster vaccine  for better protection’.

He also said that Anyone over the age of 18 years , who has been given the first booster dose for four months, is allowed to receive the second booster dose. Youth adolescents under the age of 18 have not yet started receiving booster doses.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Mpunga Tharcisse, recently announced that the administration of the second dose of the booster vaccine was due to the ongoing evolution of the virus that is why this measure was taken to protect Rwandan citizens to loose our life .

He said, “The COVID-19 virus is evolving and the vaccines we are using are based on the current epidemic virus. We have started a second dose booster program of the COVID-19 vaccine starting with the elderly and others who are physically weak.” Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that on Friday, August 12, 2022, one person infected with Covid-19 was found in Rwanda out of 4,035 cases. That one infected person was found in Kigali. No one died, the statistics show that 1,466 people have died in Rwanda due to Covid-19. Studies have shown that people who receive more COVID-19 vaccines are less likely to be affected and develop the body defense to disease.

A study conducted in Israel, one of the countries that has already issued the most vaccines against COVID-19, showed that doctors who have already received four vaccines have a significantly lower risk of infection. It’s a study published in the American Medical Association news paper. They showed that as doctors who received four mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna), they were infected by 7%, while those who received three vaccines, the third of which was given until the end of September last year, were infected by 20%.

The United States is now making the third (first booster) vaccine mandatory for people over five years of age. This is when people over the age of 50 years  are allowed a second booster vaccine , or people over the age of 12 who have other serious illnesses. The vaccines currently available in booster doses are from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Jansen.

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